Dealing with Injuries

Injuries happen to us all.

What matters of course is how we set ourselves up while we are healing.

Use these three tips for dealing with injuries to make sure you stay in a routine, you are able to deal with the emotional and mental response that invariably comes up with an injury and learn how injuries can often be a time to be more vulnerable with those around us.

If we treat injuries the right way, with a plan of action and understand the value they can bring to our life, there is no need to be taken off track and to indulge in behaviours that do not serve us in any positive way.

3 Tips for Dealing with Injuries

1. Acknowledge

Acknowledge the physical, mental and emotional components of the injury. Name, process and move through these emotions so you don’t get stuck in them.

2. Plan for the Frustrations

Strategise and plan for any frustrations that may be coming up. No matter how small, without an action plan, things can get on top of us.

3. Get the right help

Make sure you ask for help. Have an accountability buddy, let others know what you need and the help you require. You may be surprised at the growth of your relationships due to reaching out and asking for help. 

Having a plan to serve you while injured will keep you on track and ensure a greater understanding of your body and what really happens when injured, no matter how small that injury is. 

Follow these steps for an easier time while healing!

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