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For the past few decades, Nant Nissen has been helping individuals achieve their optimal health and wellness.

For some that can be losing weight, help with emotional eating, reducing stress and pain and achieving optimal health. Nant uses health and wellness as the underlying foundation to help others become peak performers and live their best life!

Given the nature of some of Nant’s work, not everyone is comfortable in sharing their journey publicly however we’re grateful to those below who have allowed us to share their testimonial publicly.

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As much as reading reviews can be great, there’s nothing like a video to bring it to life. Here is a selection of video testimonials sent to Nant.

Private Reviews & Testimonials

Due to the highly personal and sensitive nature of Nant’s work, not everyone wants to leave a public review/testimonial but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to say thanks and support Nant.  Below are some of the most recent reviews where the names have been redacted to protect privacy at the customer’s request.

Definately Essential!

November 28, 2022

The Workplace Resilience Essentials course provided me with both professional and personal skills. I feel more confident in how to approach difficult interactions with others. What I learnt will now be part of my daily routine. Thank you Nant!

Made it simple and effective

August 8, 2022

Nant Nissen has been working with me to improve my health for the last 2 months. Her approach has been greatly appreciated and results she’s produced health-wise I’m definitely feeling and appreciate. She creates a very safe environment for me to discuss my health issues with her and is totally nonjudgmental but has managed to change my behaviour for the improvement of my health.

I’m just a typical bloke who finds discussing my health with anyone a real chore and a little embarrassing but Nant’s approach has been a revelation. Her knowledge on this stuff just astounds me. Her philosophy on men’s health is also refreshing and not so common. She believes that helping men to optimum health is not just good for the individual but also helps our whole community. I believe she’s right.

Her help with my health isn’t just based on fitness. She looks at health through her 4 pillars, physical, mental, emotional and soulful wellness. When working with me on my health we cover off on all aspects associated with these pillars. She has worked with me on changing certain routines throughout my day. I now take time out to breathe deeply and just relax my mind during the day. This has made me more aware of the stresses in my life and taught me ways to relieve these.

Nant’s holistic approach to men’s health has been a real eye-opener for me to which I’m now a devotee. I’m so glad I have made contact with this amazing lady. She really knows her stuff. Please keep up this great work Nant.

Changing lives!

January 27, 2022

Nant Nissen and I have been friends for nearly eight years now, after first connecting over a common passion: to help and protect animals. I’ve also known Nant through her owning her gym, health clinic, wellness programs and her coaching work online. I know she’s been able to help hundreds of people change their lives through her health advice.

We have had some great discussions about the differences between ‘being fit’ and ‘being healthy’. Her knowledge and passion are obvious.

Nant is a wise woman and a wonderful, loyal and discreet friend.

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