Optimal Nutrition

Optimal nutrition is not just us putting high-quality food in our body, not just understanding that we need 5 serves of veg a day, including fats, proteins and carbs, it’s not just knowing that eating too many processed foods will impact us in a negative way, it is the understanding of how the foods we put in our body impact us individually.

There is a quote (I’m unsure by whom) that says “To know and not do is still yet to know”

We can say we know what to do with nutrition, with any area of health, but if we don’t actually apply this to our day to day, if we don’t actually do it, do we really know?

Optimal Nutrition is one part of the health landscape, an integral part and while it is certainly not the only part, food, its impact on us, its quality and how we absorb that into our body are staples for achieving Optimal Health.

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