Men’s Health & Wellness Tips

While optimal health is crucial for everyone, from an individual level, to community and societal level, we each have our own challenges when it comes to achieving optimal health and wellness.

Men experience their own set of health challenges and after decades of helping men to achieve optimal health, Thrive for Men, is all about creating a healthier future for all men.

As a society men have often been taught to deal with their health, whether that be mental, physical or emotional, by themselves. They have often been taught to be strong, tough and that vulnerability is a weakness, or that being open with their health concerns or challenges makes them less of a leader and less independent. This only serves to make men experience their challenges with less support, without guidance and lacking the education they need to achieve optimal health.

Men have different and varied pressures that contribute to the chronic conditions often facing them in our community today. This does not make men’s health more important, it simply means we need to address what men are experiencing, understand it and assist them to overcome what prevents them from thriving.

Thrive for Men and our Men’s health programs are all about changing the narrative that we have been brought up with and engaging in new behaviours, habits and patterns that serve men in our community in a much more beneficial way. Actually getting to the underlying causes is vital to the success of any change needed to achieve optimal health and to help men Thrive.

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Changing Men’s Health

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