Workplace Wellbeing Programs

Why you need a Workplace Wellbeing Program

Whether it’s full or part-time, working from home or the office, sitting in front of a screen, standing speaking with customers or a range of other situations there’s no question work can take a physical and mental toll on us all.

While personal responsibility is essential for health and wellbeing, it is also the responsibility of an organisation to provide a healthy and safe environment for their team.

This includes employees being able to openly ask for help and to feel empowered with appropriate and practicable strategies and tools, on how to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Achieving optimal health doesn’t just benefit your employees though. Across all business sizes, not investing in your employee’s health and wellness has significant costs.

Consider these statistics from Howden

  • Time lost as a result of psychological injury is typically more than twice the size of any other serious injury claims. The average cost of a mental illness claim is $36,000, compared to $13,000 for all serious injury claims.
  • Top of the emerging benefits for employers is mental health training to support career development, with 89% currently using or thinking of implementing this in the future. This could include resilience training, suggesting that employers want to help employees avoid burnout, rather than simply supporting them once they are already struggling.
  • Half of Australian employees don’t feel comfortable initiating discussions around sometimes challenging topics like mental health, workload, or managing work-life balance with their managers.
  • In 2021, 1 in 5 Australians reported having a mental health condition and the proportion of people reporting depression or symptoms of depression nearly tripled to 28% in early 2022, compared to 10% the previous year.

A healthy and well workforce not only decreases costs with less absenteeism, presenteeism and stress leave, it increases revenue due to an increase in productivity, engagement, creativity and focus.

Common signs your workplace needs help

Whilst a common term is burnout, the reality is that there are numerous indicators to suggest your workplace needs a Workplace Wellbeing program:

  • Lack of productivity
  • High absenteeism
  • Lack of engagement
  • Lack of creativity and focus
  • Low energy levels
  • Increased stress leave
  • Disconnection between team members
  • Unsatisfied Clients and Customers
  • An increase in health challenges
  • Reduced attention to detail
  • Lots more!
A Workplace Wellness Program will improve resilience and health
Implementing a Workplace Wellness Program can deliver benefits your employee's and your business.

It is no longer acceptable to just tick the box for workplace wellbeing by leaving a few brochures about mental health in the lunch room or supplying a weekly fruit basket and fitness session.

Creating long-term, sustainable change in team performance, absenteeism, presenteeism, focus, creativity, engagement, loyalty and more by a healthy workforce is crucial to the growth and success of any business and organisation.

Workplace Wellbeing Programs

Health and well-being procedures and programs are the first step, however, it’s in the implementation and execution of the program that results and success can be found.

Driving sustainable change in your business involves the rollout of a workplace wellbeing program and is essential if you are to have any real impact on the bottom line and the health and wellbeing of your team members.

Refined over twenty years, we have two set Workplace Wellbeing Programs that have been designed to deliver immediate benefits to your employees and your bottom line.

Of course, should you require something specific for your business we can also customise a program specifically to your workplace.

Mental and Emotional Health for the Workplace (3 hour workshop)

The Mental and Emotional Health Workplace Wellbeing program is an intensive 3-hour course covering 4 modules that are applicable to every team.

4 Modules

1. Awareness of mental and emotional health

Leaving your team with an understanding of what mental and emotional health really is, the differences between the two and why both are a necessary for optimal health and wellbeing.

2. Mental and emotional adaptability

Providing your team with the knowledge of how to develop mental and emotional adaptability and stability within themselves. This will enable them to adjust to any situation that arises with a positive framework.

3. Strategies for Stress

Your team will gain the crucial tools to deal with both work and life stress in a productive and healthy way, with practical ways to impact their day to day.

4. Responding and Reacting

Helping your team to build a greater self and social awareness, while understanding the differences between responding and reacting, creates an important foundation to be able to choose an action as opposed to allowing a reaction to occur.

A foundation of mental and emotional health that your team can build from, is essential if they are to deal effectively with the constant challenges facing them in any internal or external customer facing role.

Having a high level of skill within interpersonal connection and communication, coupled with a foundation of mental and emotional health strategies will build confidence and create positive outcomes within each team member and team.

Delivery Format

We understand the importance of and value you and your teams time. To accomodate this as best we can, we deliver our 3 hour program in two ways.

This program can be delivered online during a one 3 hour session, or 2 90 minute sessions

or alternatively, onsite over 3 hours.


Contact us for a personalised quote for your business.

Building Mental and Emotional Resilience (One day workshop)

Many team members excel within their position, but do not have the skills and training to thrive under mental or emotional stress or pressure.

This one-day training is designed to provide your team with the necessary tools to build mental and emotional resilience, enabling them to thrive in any situation or circumstance.

Workplace Wellbeing is essential to the success of any organisation.

6 Powerful Modules

This one-day workshop ensures your team will develop the skills to:

1. Create Your State

Your team will learn how to create their ideal mental and emotional state, before, during and at the end of each day.

2. Patterning and Self Talk

Watch your team thrive as they learn how to change their patterning and negative self-talk, giving them access to more energy and greater clarity throughout their day.

3. Thrive under Pressure

This will ensure your team has the tools and skills to thrive under pressure and uncomfortable situations, whether that be internally or externally.

4. Creating Desired Outcomes

This will ensure your team has the tools and strategies to create more desired outcomes with clients, customers and stakeholders which will directly impact the growth and success of your organisation.

5. Mental and Emotional Resilience

Give your team the skills to adapt to adversity without the lasting difficulties that can come with an inability to handle challenging situations. This will build resilience and provide the knowledge of how to call on your skills when needed.

Delivery Format

We understand and value you and your teams time. To accomodate this as best we can, we deliver our programs in a variety of ways.

This course can be delivered online, in a one day format or over two half day sessions


onsite with one full day or two half day workshops.


Please contact me for pricing.

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