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Nant Nissen is one of the leading health and wellness experts in the world renowned for her no-nonsense,  real and practical advice to help you achieve a balanced, healthy life without the bullshit.

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Why workplace wellness matters

Why Workplace Wellness Matters?

Workplace Wellness has never been more important than right now. Not only does an organisation find a real ROI upon a strategic and well implemented wellness plan, we know that in these uncertain times, we need to provide a space for our team...

The 3 basic principles of optimal nutrition

3 Basic Principles of Optimal Nutrition

The 3 basics to get started with for optimal nutrition Nutrition is how we digest, absorb, assimilate and utilise nutrients in our body. The essential nutrients include protein, carbohydrates, fats (macronutrients) and vitamins, electrolytes...

Willpower and Laziness

Willpower and Laziness

Caught in an endless loop of failing diets and poor performance? Take a few minutes to understand the willpower and laziness theory.

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