Changing your eating habits

We know and get taught all the time, that what we put into our body is crucial to our health. But how often are we educated on how we put food and drink into our bodies also matters?

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference, although we often think otherwise. We disregard small changes as something that won’t impact our health, while these small changes may be the very thing that creates a great change in our body.

3 Tips on How to Upgrade Your Eating Habits

Here are my 3 tips to upgrade your eating habits to improve your overall health and wellness.

1 -Eating slowly is crucial to help digestion.

Time yourself and see how long it actually takes to eat a main meal. Lunch or dinner is often the best.

If it is under 5 minutes, it’s time to increase that, eat more slowly and take the time to actually digest your food properly.

2 -Be mindful and involve the entire eating experience.

The digestive experience actually starts in the brain.

  • Have you ever seen food and your mouth has watered?
  • Thought of a food and got a craving straight away?

It starts with the mind, so we need to take a look at our plate, does it look appetising?

  • Does it look like you put in effort?
  • Does it smell good?

Notice how it tastes, the textures, how it feels as you eat it, how the foods combine and taste together.

  • How do you feel as you eat?
  • Do you really enjoy the food?
  • Does it energise you?

3 -Make sure when you eat, you give yourself time to be in a positive space.

In this way we mean be in a happy place, be with people who make you feel good, be relaxed and as stress-free as possible to aid digestion. 

How we eat is just as important as what we eat. A few changes to your eating habits can help in so many ways.

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