Men’s Stress Reduction Gift Pack


Stress Reduction Gift Packs are the perfect gift for any male adult to assist in lowering stress.


Each pack is beautifully presented in a reusable environmentally friendly seagrass basket and is sealed for protection.


If purchasing as a gift, a personalised message can be included that will be delivered with your gift.

Sorry, this product is sold out! Will be available again in Feb 2023!


The Men’s Stress Reduction Gift Pack has been specially designed to lower stress for men.

Each Men’s Stress Reduction Gift Pack contains carefully selected essential oils, minerals and an assortment of other great wellness products all designed to reduce stress for men specifically created by leading global Health & Wellness expert Nant Nissen.

Each pack is beautifully presented and includes clear instructions on how to use the products along with an informative guide containing simple and effective tips to reduce stress in your life.

Why reducing stress matters

Stress is a feeling of emotional, mental or physical tension and often it can be all three at once. Whilst stress is often seen as a negative, it’s a powerful, natural reaction by our body to help us survive a threat (like being attacked by an angry lion) and is broadly categorised in four key categories: fight, flight, freeze or fawn.  When the threat has been eliminated, our body returns to its normal state.

Of course, your risk of being attacked by an angry lion is somewhat minimal in today’s world. However, we now experience stress from a variety of things including work, home, relationships, finances, world events, health issues and lots more.

Calming Stress Reduction Gift Packs
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The human body however has not evolved to hold or create a constant low-level stress state each and every day and it’s this stress that if not eliminated, can cause numerous underlying health issues including anxiety, sadness, insomnia, a lowered immunity, daytime fatigue, chronic headaches, jaw clenching and more.

The good news is there are many ways in which we can help ourselves deal with stress. Some of those include movement, the right nutrients, quality sleep, healthy relationships, a workplace or work we enjoy, aromatherapy, massage, vitamins and minerals, hydration, self-care, lotions and lots more.

To really combat stress, we need to use a variety of methods that involve all of our senses – sight, sound,  smell, taste and touch and this Men’s Stress Reduction gift pack does just that!

The Perfect Gift!

Whilst our gift packs can be a great treat for yourself, they also make an awesome present! Each Stress Reduction gift pack is specially packaged in an environmentally friendly reusable seagrass basket and is securely wrapped for protection.

Make it personable! You can include a personalised message to be included with each pack purchased.

Stress Reduction Gift Packs to de-stress your team

With employees under more pressure than ever thanks to a range of factors including COVID, supply chain/stock shortages, staff shortages and so on why not send them a Stress Reduction/Relaxation gift pack as a way of helping them unwind after a tough business day or week.

If you’d like to send multiple employees a Relaxation gift pack please contact us for volume pricing >

Employee gift packs

Delivery & Freight

The Men’s Stress Reduction gift pack is sent by Express Post for a flat rate of $25.00 AUD. You’ll be provided with the tracking number when your shipment is on its way.

Please note that Australia Post advises that next-day Express Post delivery is not guaranteed due to the current volumes so please allow some extra time for your gift pack to be delivered.

Stress Reduction Gift Packs are sent by Express Post

Frequently Asked Questions

Are they suitable for anyone?

Any male adult can use these packs, however, please always look at each product to ensure you do not have any allergies or contraindications that may be impacted.

If you try a product and feel unwell or have any kind of negative response please stop use immediately and see your healthcare professional.

Is Postage included?

No, postage is added on in checkout. We charge a flat $25.00 rate for Express Post delivery anywhere in Australia.

How are the gift packs packaged?

The gift packs are securely wrapped in shrink plastic and are placed inside a box with protection so they arrive in perfect condition.

Are they environmentally friendly?

Our packs are put together with environmentally friendly seagrass. These baskets are reusable and will be a beautiful addition to any room. We also use shredded paper and have selected products with the least amount of packaging in the range.

To ensure safety, we use a small amount of plastic shrink wrap to seal our packs.

Why have you added tips?

We care about you and your health. We add lifestyle tips because every positive action we take towards our health matters. We can change our health in a positive direction with changes to our lifestyle, our habits and actions.

Our packs are made to help you reduce stress, so taking small action steps to achieve that are a great addition to the products that will help you relax and unwind.

Why use these packs?

Along with the tips written for you, these packs provide all of our senses with some much-needed help in relation to stress.

Whether it be a magnesium flake bath, using essential oils or having a piece of dark chocolate, all of these ingredients have the purpose of helping to reduce our stress levels and providing our body with much-needed self-care.

Are there instructions included?

Yes, instructions will be included for each item in the packs.

Is pick up an option?

No, we only offer packs via Express Post delivery at this stage.

Can I include a personalised message?

Yes! On checkout, you’ll be provided with an option to write a message for the recipient.

Are these a good gift?

The packs have been put together as a gift in mind. We all know how wonderful it feels to receive a basket full of goodies. With our packs, you have goodies that will impact your gift recipient in a purposeful and long-lasting way.

Am I able to swap products in the order?

No. Our packs contain products that have been chosen specifically for each pack.

Can the baskets be re-used?

Absolutely. So even after the products have been used you’ll still be able to use the basket.

Can you ship internationally?

No. At this stage, our Gift Packs are only available for purchase within Australia.