Who cares what other people are eating

Oh my goodness, look at me!

Look what’s in my fridge…. Look at what I eat in a day! Look, look!!!!!!! ????

Please STOP ? watching Instagram and Tik Tok videos about “look what I eat in a day” “look what’s in my fridge “! Other than me needing to go shopping, there is nothing you need to know about my fridge or what I eat in a day.

What I eat has nothing to do with what you need to be eating to be your best and of optimal health! There is nothing like knowing and understanding what your body needs, wants and when!

To be able to listen to the signs, signals and symptoms your body sends and knowing how to respond to them. Your body, like mine, needs different things depending upon many things.

Here are a few examples on why you shouldn’t care about what others are eating:

  • Are you digesting, absorbing, and assimilating nutrients properly?
  • Are you more or less stressed today, physically, mentally and emotionally?
  • How is your quality and quantity of sleep?
  • How are your close relationships?
  • Have you been more or less active lately?
  • Have you been drinking more soft drink, alcohol or coffee for example?

This may indicate nutrients not being absorbed into the body.

  • Do you have any chronic underlying illness?
  • Do you have headaches, pains, etc?
  • Are you on medication?
  • Have you been travelling? (Probably not lately).

The point is, it doesn’t matter what other people have in a day, it only matters what you need in a day to be your best and have optimal health.

Fortunately, this is a skill to be taught.

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