Obesity and what we’re not saying

Obesity is an epidemic that we can no longer ignore. No matter what area of health you practice, we now all being impacted by obesity, whether on a community, social or personal level.

Stopping combining the narrative of body shaming and the connection to obesity is one of the first steps to change.

Realising that health is our number one priority, our most vital asset and the impact obesity is having on our lives and those around us is crucial for our overall success in winning on the health front.

Obesity is creating an enormous amount of chronic and preventable illnesses. It is at the forefront of numerous health issues, yet we are still not creating a safe, non-judgemental and holistic space for our community to be educated, guided and supported into different ways of approaching health!

What we are doing at the moment is not working and we have an obesity epidemic that’s getting worse!

WE need to change and we need to come together from all medical fronts and change it now!

This is my first podcast in a series about the obesity epidemic and what we need to do to change this in a long term and sustainable way!

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