Lockdown excuses

Using the lockdown as an excuse

While lockdown is incredibly challenging and has created many challenges for us, we really need to ensure we are making the most of this time. Different challenges present themselves as we are isolated, as our children are homeschooled, as we work from home, as we face uncertainty and lack of freedom.

We have given ourselves reasons as to why we have not yet been able to take action on things we want. It’s too hard to exercise in the mornings, when we have to travel an hour each way to work. Now while it is also challenging to have children not going to school, there is an opportunity to perhaps involve them in a walk, in-home workouts, in dancing around the house for 15 minutes. 

While we have different challenges during lockdown, it is a great opportunity to create those habits that we have previously felt we couldn’t.

To use the time to help ourselves feel better. Feeling isolated is a very real issue in our society. at this time, more than ever.  Getting out and being around others (while keeping your 1.5 metre distance and wearing a mask of course) will help you feel more connected.

Don’t look at your phone, be involved in your surroundings and notice how much less isolated you feel. A walk in the sun will do more for our mental health than a beer at night times a thousand! 

Take this time to reflect on what you really want and put in action steps each day to progress towards them. While it’s a challenging time, there is so much we can do to help ourselves and each other. 

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