5 Healthy Tips to Start the Day

5 Healthy Tips To Start The Day!

5 Healthy Tips to Start the Day

We know that a quality sleep is vital for our health and wellness. On the other end of that, is the start to our day.

Having a great start to the day, starts with waking feeling fresh, the next part is up to us and what we choose to do as soon as we wake.

It can be the make or break to our day, so here are 5 healthy tips to start the day!

1. Take your time

Animals are experts at this one, of the 5 healthy tips to start the day.

Take a lesson from them and watch an animal wake, they take their time.

They wake slowly, yawn, stretch, roll around and then get up.

Many of us now have the alarm go off and jump straight out of bed, usually from a deep sleep or doze.

It’s like lovingly allowing yourself to wake instead of getting pushed out of bed half asleep.

2. Think Ahead

Another of the 5 healthy tips to start the day is spending 5 minutes in bed after waking. 

How do you want it to go? What would you like to achieve today? How do you want to feel today?

Start thinking about something that makes you happy and create that feeling within you before you get out of bed.

3. Body Brush

Another of the 5 healthy tips to start the day is Body Brushing.

Purchase a natural bristle body brush and brush your skin gently before your shower. Never use on your face or on broken or inflamed skin.

Gently work on areas of the body towards your heart.

Spend 3-5 minutes doing this each morning and notice the difference in your skin tone and texture.

This helps rid our body of old skin cells and helps circulation, which in turn helps skin tone and cellulite, allowing the body to start the removal process of toxins.

After just a few days you will notice your skin start to feel smooth and soft.

4. Get the First Drink Right

Before you eat or drink anything, start your day with a glass of warm or tepid water with 2 slices of lemon.

This assists your digestion and liver and helps your body get started for the day, as many clinics, including the Cleveland Clinic will attest to. 

Again, this is like waking up your body gently and lovingly instead of yelling at your body to wake up and get going with coffee, rushing around with no movement or stretching.

After your lemon water, have your normal breakfast, usual coffee etc, just make sure you take the time to enjoy it properly.

We know that quality sleep is vital for our health and wellness but there are also some crucial steps to starting your day off on a healthy note.

5. Be Grateful

The last of the 5 healthy tips to start the day is to spend 5 minutes writing or thinking of everything you are grateful for.

Before you start worrying about the day, before you hear something negative on the news, create a feeling of gratitude and appreciation inside you.

If you are unable to write down what you are grateful for, public transport travel on the way to work can be a great way to utilise this time for positive mindset time.

Think about what you are grateful for, listen to some uplifting music or an audio tape of someone who inspires you, or simply remind yourself of all the positive things in your life.

This is great for sitting in traffic also.

Nothing better to take your mind off traffic than thinking about how grateful you are and feeling excited about life.

It’s Your Time To Use

Of course there are many more than 5 healthy tips to start your day, however it is important to note, how important your time really is. 

For many mornings are seen as a means to an end.

A routine that gets them to where they need to be for the day. 

Things that have to get done to get wherever we need to go. What is often forgotten, is that this is your day, this is your time. 

These are important moments that are yours.

I know that many will often say, “I don’t have time in the mornings to do all of this”.

In total the extra time to complete these tasks can take as little as 10 to 15 minutes.

15 minutes of extra sleep can either make you feel sleepy, groggy and negative for the rest of the day, or 15 minutes spent wisely can ensure your day runs more smoothly, has a positive frame around it and you can be proud you made the effort to give yourself the best chance at a great morning.

We all have the same amount of time in the day. It is simply a matter of how you use it.

  • Do you feel great about your day ahead?
  • Do you wake up happy with energy?
  • Are you achieving what you want to achieve in your day and in your life?

If you answered no to any of these questions, perhaps it is time to rethink what you do with those 15 minutes in the morning.

Is it possible that those 15 minutes could improve your life?

Is it possible that any of the 5 healthy tips to start your day could really improve your morning? 

If you think it is, then try this for 2 weeks and see how you feel.

Remember…..Like attracts like -whatever we focus on and feel, we attract.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to attract positive experiences that make our lives better, instead of getting caught up in the day to day of negative?

A great start to the day can be created instead of hoping for it to happen. Make sure you are one of the people that choose how you start the day.

Use the 5 healthy tips to start the day above and create your perfect morning!

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