3 Tips for better quality sleep

3 Tips for a better quality sleep

A better quality sleep simply means a better quality of day ahead. Our body completes an amazing amount of healing processes overnight and without this we struggle the next day.

After any length of time without quality sleep, we struggle in day to day life.

In fact without sleep, we struggle in most areas of health.

Appetite and weight, cognition, moods, tolerance, immunity, hormonal system, aging, energy levels, inflammation and more.

As the years have gone on and our reliance on social media has increased, so too has our sleep suffered, and along with our sleep, we suffer also.


If you really want a better quality sleep try these


1. Make sure your bedroom is fit for purpose

Create a peaceful and calm environment for sleep.

Make sure your bedroom is tidy, is cool and you have the ability to make your bedroom dark enough to let your body know it’s time for sleep.

We do the same with our office environment, with our dining room if we have friends over and with any other room that we wish to create any type of environment.

Give yourself the opportunity to have a really lovely place to sleep.


2. Get plenty of natural light

Get enough light first thing in the morning and throughout the day. Making sure, that while your bedroom is dark at night time, you still have the ability to wake to natural light is crucial for building a stable rhythm. 

Allowing your body to get used to waking with the light and getting used to the fact that as it gets dark, it’s time to start winding down is so important.

Studies have shown that “Natural light keeps your internal clock on a healthy sleep-wake cycle“.  Having a stable sleep cycle assists the body in helping us to have the best sleep possible.

The body loves routine and the natural rhythm that occurs when being in tune with nature, so give your body the message that it’s time to sleep and time to wake, and you will soon see the benefits that sleep provides us. 


3. Wake and sleep at the same time each day.

Our body loves routines and they actually provide us with a lot of freedom. Even if we have a late-night, get up at the same time as you usually would.

Yes, you’ll be tired for a day, but your body will be thanking you thereafter. Stay in the rhythm that you have, that provides your body with the rest and recovery it needs.

We all have late nights, just make sure you keep as much of a regular routine as possible, you’ll find your energy levels stay on track and your feelings of wellbeing improve as each quality sleep goes by.


Quality sleep is available to us all

We simply need to create a routine and provide an environment that provides a restful place for us to sleep each night.

Often we can handle one or two low quality nights of sleep, but ongoing low quality sleep impacts us in every area of our health and in an incredibly negative way.

We know how it feels to not be able to lift our head off the pillow each morning, and while there may be numerous reasons for this, a lack of quality sleep will contribute greatly to a low level of quality health and wellness.


We are all different

No person is the same. We all have different health needs and different needs for what constitutes a quality of sleep.

This isn’t simply for each of us, but for each of us at different times during our life. If we are unwell, we usually need more sleep. If we are moving more, we need more sleep, if we are under more stress, we need more sleep but usually find it challenging to get this.

The only way to really achieve quality sleep, like quality health, is to have routines, habits and behaviours that support our goals (in this case quality sleep) learn how to listen to our body and understand its needs at any given time and to do what is right for us and our body, not what is right for our friend, our workmate or the person posting on social media about what they do for them.

Do what is right for you.


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