How to create optimal health and wellness

3 Tips for creating Optimal Health and Wellness

Creating Optimal Health and Wellness seems to be something we strive for on a daily basis, we all want to feel Optimally Healthy, we all want to be Optimally Well…..It just seems that we look at it as a future event, something we will one day get to.

I’ve been asked numerous times……”When will I not have to do this anymore?” “When can I go back to doing what I used to do?” .

I am usually slightly stunned at this and then I remember a time when I used to think the same way. When I used to ask that exact question. It wasn’t until I realised, today and every day, this is my life.

This is me, not the new me, but me… A me and way of being I choose. I make these choices because my life is better for it, it’s as simple as that!

It’s an everyday thing

This means that everyday we create our lifestyle, we create us again each morning and we make choices in every moment that lead us towards our goals or further away from them.

As a simple example, let’s look at brushing our teeth. How often do you brush? Do you do it every day? If so, why? Do you clean your house weekly? Do you clean it monthly?

We do the things we need or want to do each day, week or month to enable us to have the life or the standard of life that we want. We make choices that create the internal and external environment that we wish to live with.

So what happens when you are not entirely happy with your life? What happens when you are not reaching your goals and know that this makes you unhappy? What would happen if your house were a mess? Would you clean it? or Would you sit and live in the mess and possible filth?

I often wonder…why? Why has it become so challenging for us to love ourselves? To enjoy movement? To enjoy nourishing our body? To live a joyous and wonderful life filled with energy, health, happiness and vitality!

Are we just so accustomed to feeling poorly? Are we so accustomed to feeling sad or down? Are we so accustomed to now letting ourselves down?

Do we know what it feels like to feel amazing? Do we remember what it feels like to feel free? To feel loved? To be so excited about life that we could burst? When was the last time you felt any of these?

In a world of instant gratification and social media, we have become so impatient and complacent with our life and ourselves.

We want to feel these things, yet part of us believes it isn’t possible and part of us is not willing to make the changes needed to ensure this new way of being becomes a habit and therefore a lifestyle. Why? Only you can truly answer that for yourself ………

Most of us haven’t been taught how to achieve optimal health and wellness but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve it now!

What if?

If you were guaranteed an amazing life, filled with happiness, laughter, joy, vitality and a beautiful lean body, would you do the daily activities needed to make that happen? If not, why not?

If each day you made small changes that contributed to your life in such a massive way, that in 1 year from now, you would be living a completely different life, would you?

It can be done and for those wanting to do it, it is there for the taking! Our natural state is one of health, happiness, vitality and a beautiful lean body. (a lean body within your own shape and frame). Our natural state is very often one that many of us have not felt for quite some time, and it’s time that stopped!

Tips for creating Optimal Health and Wellness

1. Surround yourself with with right people

If you really want to be optimally healthy and well, surround yourself with supportive and like-minded people. We have all heard the saying “we are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with”.

We really do need to ensure that we surround ourselves with likeminded people who lift each other, who can agree to disagree and have different opinions respectfully, who truly want to see you succeed and who bring out the best in each other.

2. Only get qualified advice

This means that you get receive advice from those who are either experts, have experience or are actually talking the talk and walking the walk.

Why take financial advice from someone with a nice car in the driveway but is living pay to pay because they are so highly geared. Why take advice from someone who simply isn’t qualified to be giving that advice. Why ask people for advice about relationships, if they have a terrible track record of how they treat others and understanding the complexities that it takes to make a great relationship?  

Be guided by those who know! Those who live it and breathe it day in day out, those who have the knowledge and those that are truly passionate about it!

This doesn’t mean they are perfect, far from it. It means they know the challenges and they push through anyway. It means they have a big enough why.

It means they have bad days and do the activities they need to do to get to where they want to be, even when they don’t feel like it, and it means they know how to get where you want to be.

3. Choose the lifestyle

Being optimally healthy and well is a lifestyle. There are no quick fixes and no tablets that can turn you into anything. It is not the way the body was designed.

We were made to move, made to nourish ourselves, made to enjoy life and feel joy. Made to be healthy, full of energy and made to love ourselves.

Understanding this as a base is the first step to understanding being Optimally Healthy and Well.

We weren’t taught this!

The steps to creating optimal health and wellness is not something we have been taught. Many of us have had to learn them the hard way, or through knowing deep down that there is something better.

I have always had a deep underlying belief that we are made to be healthy, happy and vital. This was nagging at me when I was ill and no one could help me.

I knew deep down that we are meant to have a wondrous experience through life. After many years of study and life, I know this to be even more true.

Our natural state is one of health, happiness, vitality and a shape that suits us It means we not only strive to be our best, but our natural state is to thrive and be the very best version of ourselves.

We weren’t taught to be optimally healthy and well, however that doesn’t mean we can’t achieve it now!

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