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3 Tips to Help Your Mental Health

There has never been a more crucial time to help your mental health. We have never been so isolated, fearful, scared, lonely and out of alignment, frustrated, angry and down.

Many of us are not sleeping well, are finding it difficult to eat (either too much or too little), are on the edge of frustration all the time (think road rage), and have been out of routine for way too long.

These 3 tips to help your mental health will give you the start you need to improve your day and those around you.

3 Tips to help your Mental Health that will make a difference

1. Understand that all health works together

All of the four pillars of health work in conjunction with each other – Mental, Physical, Emotional and Soulful.

Knowing and understanding that a walk, some dancing to your favourite music, watching your favourite comedy and partaking in something you are passionate about is essential to helping our mental health.

Combine a walk with some music and finish the day watching a positive show will leave you in good stead for the next day.

2. Don’t look too far ahead 

Another great tip to help your mental health is to not look too far ahead.

It’s wonderful to have long term goals, however, we can sometimes become overwhelmed with them and the outcome, when our lives are already stressful.

Changing the focus to doing something great each day ensures you complete the day with a positive feeling, a feeling of accomplishment and knowing you did your best.

Doing something each day to help your mental health need not always be working towards a larger goal, it may be something that will simply make you feel good.

Make sure you choose the action the night before. Write it down and understand that this is an action you both want and need to take to create some joy, happiness, achievement and pride within yourself.

3. Show some love!

The final tip to help your mental health is to show some love. When we feel down, fearful, frustrated and unsure we often close up. We can put walls up and feel like we need to deal with things ourselves.

Often we get way too deep in our own mind and become lost in the many thousands of thoughts we have each day (most of them the same as the day before). Being open, vulnerable and loving with our loved ones is crucial for helping us with our mental health.

Only good comes from love. We don’t need big gestures – a hug, a chat, a lovely comment, a text or call, a passing touch or glance can often be the difference between feeling connected and feeling disconnected, and if you feel the space to do so, there’s nothing better than to be able to be open with a loved one and let them know exactly how you feel.

In closing

Especially in mental health, we often forget that as humans we need connection, we need movement, we need laughter, we need joy and we need purpose.

These 3 tips to help your mental health will be the first step forward in changing your current state, to one that supports you in a positive way, one that is crucial to progress and growth and one that enables you to help your mental state in a sustainable and long term way.

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