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Nant Nissen profile Feb 2022Stress is a constant in life, and while not all stress is bad, too much or not being able to deal with it in a positive way can be incredibly detrimental to us and every area of our lives.

Fatigue, headaches, digestive issues, anxiety, insomnia, fat gain, depression and burnout are all signs of a body and mind under stress and left unchecked, it can quickly escalate to serious health issues.

While we cannot remove all the pressures in life, we can learn new and positive ways to deal with them. Adding some very simple, but effective steps into your life can make a massive difference to both how you look and feel.

There are hundreds of ways to deal with stress and change your state, so start with the 5 tips for reducing stress.

They are simple to follow and designed to have an immediate impact.

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Men's Tips for Reducing Stress

Stress can have a range of impacts on our health, and when you throw in poor diet, sleeping challenges, lack of movement and feeling exhausted it all starts showing up in multiple ways, including:

  • Aches and pains most days.
  • Feeling older than you are, uncomfortable in your body, and wanting to enjoy life more but simply lacking the energy to enjoy life fully.
  • Finding it challenging to be and feel strong and energetic, let alone being your best.
  • Holding emotions in and down without knowing what to do with them
  • Masking headaches, digestive issues, anxiety, panic attacks, sadness and isolation and the constant feeling of running on empty.

Many people now live in a constant low level of stress. 

The ongoing low level stress creates an unhealthy cycle that contributes to numerous health and lifestyle challenges.

Constant pressures, the increasing fast pace and hustle and hard work approach is doing more harm than we realise. 

While many have either forgotten how it feels to live with optimal health, or no longer believe it can happen, it is not only possible, but probable when you provide yourself with the right education, support, guidance and accountability to achieve your health and wellness goals and live the life you really want.

Learn how to achieve optimal health without the gimmicks

We are often led to believe that achieving optimal health and wellness is reserved for elite athletes or wealthy individuals who can afford to have a team of ‘health’ professionals surrounding them and regular holidays to some amazing destination.

But as I’m sure you’ve all seen way too often, no amount of money in the world can guarantee good health.

Let’s face it though, with the endless marketing of the latest diets, fad pills and so on, it is often overwhelming to know what is actually good for you and what isn’t.

I’ve spent over 30 years helping men from all walks of life to achieve optimal health – from athletes, successful entrepreneurs, media personalities, tradies, CEO’s, office managers and so on and I can assure you – optimal health doesn’t care what you do for a living!

How to reduce stress tips for men

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