How to lift yourself from rock bottom

In this episode of the Thrive for Men Podcast, Nant speaks with Alan Howle, Founder of video content agency Triple Effect and proud dad and husband of 2 beautiful kids.

Alan has overcome many obstacles to achieve what he has today. Understanding what it feels like to hit rock bottom and build habits to support a new way of being is what leads Alan to want to speak about his experience today.

Alan chooses to share his story and beliefs so other men can be helped along their journey.

We discuss Alan’s openness to speak about his mental, emotional and physical health, his new supportive habits and what he believes needs to change for us to help men be their best.

It’s not enough to sit on the sidelines anymore.

Alan is a proud advocate for men’s health and his willingness to share will undoubtedly help many men, now and in the future.

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