Behind the scenes with Melrose Health

Behind the scenes with Melrose Health

I recently had the privilege of spending a wonderful day joing the CEO of Melrose Health  Nathan Cheong and Dione Promm, Head of Science and NPD on their International Panel Discussion to discuss one of their new products.

I’ve been using and recommending Melrose Health products for a number of years now primarily because of the exceptional quality throughout their products.

Their underlying belief system about health first and providing the body with the best quality nutrients it needs for us to live in our best health and to be our best selves is very much in alignment with mine.

I’m thrilled to be able to share a few behind the scenes images from the day as we recorded a panel discussion about their new International Product Balance and Lean.

While our panel primarily discussed Melrose Health’s International product launch, there are numerous products for anyone to try right both here in Australia where I am based and on an international national level.

In short, it was a wonderful day discussing the many ways to achieve optimal health and the importance of using the right products to assist us on our journey.

A great crew and insightful discussion amongst like-minded people wanting to share the most important message – one of health and wellness!

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