Allowing men the space to grow

So many of us use other means to escape from or eliminate feelings. Often we have not been taught how to deal with them as we grow.

Men have especially been taught to be strong, be tough, don’t show your feelings, push them down, be a provider and get on with things….the list goes on.

As the world changes, we ask that the men in our life also change. They become more aware of their feelings, stop behaviours such as addictions, overwork, overeating and drinking, shutting off and getting overly angry.

These are valid requests, however, how can we expect the men in our lives to be able to do this if we don’t give them the space to do so in a non-judgemental safe way?

If we don’t teach, support, guide and educate the men in our lives to process, understand and release their thoughts and feelings, to be open and that being open means growth, growth of being a better man, a healthier man in every way, which in turn only serves to help everyone in our community, then it becomes just another thing they need to fix.

Men are wonderful at fixing, at solving problems, however, we need to show them that this is not something that is wrong, they are not wrong, it is not a problem to be solved, it’s simply a new way forward, providing them with a way forward in which they can enjoy optimal health and being their very best.

So let’s create a new space so the men in our lives can feel safe to open and grow as they would like. 

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