How to Lead in 2022 and beyond

In this episode of Thrive for Men Nant speaks with Bret Packard, CEO of The Packard Network.

Bret has 30 years of experience in international banking and wealth management globally. From large, complex high growth businesses, with a variety of product lines, to Executive Director on two subsidiary boards, Bret has developed proven methods and strategies for leadership transformation second to none.

Whether it be leadership within an organisation, a large project, a growing business, developing or changing culture or networking at the highest level, Bret is an expert in Global Leadership.

It simply isn’t possible to be an expert in leadership, business and culture without having a deep understanding of people across all areas and backgrounds. Being able to develop cultures, strengthen teams, revamp business in any environment and improve diversity is both a skill Bret helps others to develop and a natural trait all top leaders possess.

Bret discusses building business in the new world we find ourselves in, the skills leaders need to develop their team, how to provide an environment for your team to thrive and how to build a conscious culture in a sustainable and long term way.

We also discuss the importance of developing a great global network, inspiring others to be their best, developing winning teams and how to support both men and women in business today.

If you are wanting to develop your leadership skills, looking to change your culture, want to build your network or are looking to listen to a great podcast with global leaders sharing their secrets, this is one, not to miss.

What is especially interesting about Bret, is that he has managed to accomplish the heights of global leadership and success, all while balancing areas of his life he is incredibly passionate about, his family and lifestyle. While many of us find this balance challenging, Bret has always ensured his wife, family and lifestyle remain a priority, ultimately leading him to achieve even greater success and a winning formula.

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