Toxic Workplace Survival

In this episode of Thrive for Men, Nant speaks with David Cain about his own mental health challenges and how that has created the man he is today.

Having spent years in the automotive industry, David understands the need for any workplace to provide a healthy environment for their team members, and to understand that prevention is crucial to changing the narrative around mental health.

David is the Founder and Managing Director of Prevention through Connection, and is a trained Youth and Adult First Aid Mental Health Provider.

As you will hear in the podcast, there is so much we can do to help, connect and prevent mental health deterioration in the workplace. Having the courage to speak up is one of the first steps in de-stigmatising mental health.

Many people experiencing mental health challenges create a mask to get through the day. You will hear David speak about how to notice your team and make sure they have an environment in which they can feel safe to unmask and open up.

David has a fascinating story that will help many to understand mental health from a different perspective.

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