The 3 basic principles of optimal nutrition

3 Basic Principles of Optimal Nutrition

The 3 basics to get started with for optimal nutrition

Nutrition is how we digest, absorb, assimilate and utilise nutrients in our body. The essential nutrients include protein, carbohydrates, fats (macronutrients) and vitamins, electrolytes, minerals (micronutrients).

Our body needs carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, electrolytes, fibre and water to be optimally healthy. We also need to ensure our digestive system is working at an optimal level so we absorb, assimilate and utilise the nutrients we ingest to the fullest extent.

3 Basic Principles of Optimal Nutrition

1. Recognise we’re different

Understand that we are all very different and we are even different on any given day within ourselves.

We need more or less nutrition based on numerous elements, including sleep, activity levels, stress, age, illness, travel and our digestion, to name a few.

This changes continuously for us all, so it is absolutely vital that we understand how to speak with our body and give it what it needs and wants.

2. Natural is best

Keep it real with natural produce and be aware of where your food came from.

If you have a chance to go to a farmers market or buy straight from the farmer, getting to know about the soil your food was grown in, how it was grown and what methods and possible chemicals were used, this will go a long way to having a great understanding of exactly what goes into your body.

We know this is not always possible, so make sure you know how to read food labels. Understanding how to read labels will enable you to make the best choices when purchasing packaged goods.

Buying your food at a farmers market can be a great way to improve the quality of the food you are putting into your body.

3. Portion Control is important

Many of us have been taught to eat everything on our plate.

We still have beliefs and patterns from childhood when our parents told us we had to eat until the bottom of the plate was seen, or that we didn’t get to leave the table until we were finished.

So many of us have limiting beliefs around how much we eat and certainly how quickly we eat. If you are someone who tends to eat larger portions, eat half the amount first, wait 10 minutes and see if you are still actually hungry.

Eat slowly and mindfully, enjoying each bite, not rushing through it, and give yourself the time to train yourself to feel content after eating, not full, bloated, tired and foggy.

Ditch The Old Habits With Our Food

So many of us have habits and beliefs around food and eating that simply don’t serve us anymore.

Eating is not only meant to be enjoyable and something we share and enjoy with others, but is designed to fill us with nutrients and allow us to feel nourished.

We are so used to feeling full and bloated after a meal that we have forgotten we are designed to feel content, clear and energised after eating.

Food is designed to give us fuel, energy, nutrients, as well as feelings of pleasure.

Get The Basics Right

Once we apply these 3 basic principles of optimal nutrition in a consistent manner, we can move to other elements of nutrition that provide us with a higher level and quality outcome.

The right nutrition for us can provide us with energy, change of shape, clarity, a mood enhancer and stabiliser, vigour, vitality, health, happiness and the ability to thrive instead of just survive.

We all know the famous quote “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food” Hippocrates.

Once we understand how our food and how we eat our food impacts us, our life can change in an incredibly positive way with all aspects of our health being impacted.

Providing an environment in which our body can function at an optimal level is one that I believe our body both needs and deserves.

After all, look at what it does for us each day!

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